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ASAA International Aerospace Art Exhibit: San Diego Air & Space Museum May 2014

San Diego Air & Space Museum OPENING RECEPTION April 29th 11AM-1PM.

Recent Projects

New Paintings

Two Views of Mt. Rainier from a C130 Hercules from the Air Mobility Command Rodeo, my first mission with the USAF – and my first flight aboard a
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Patriot Defender Training

Patriot Defender Training Fort Wolters Military Reservation, Texas Located at a mock village in the Texas desert, this course prepares security forces
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Telling the Story: Chelmsford Center for the Arts

Telling the Story: The Military Art of Crissie Murphy Chelmsford Center for the Arts—By Molly Loughman Depicting a slice of life the average person se
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WIngman Blue

Celestial Matters – Charles Bank Gallery NYC

Celestial Matters: a terrestrial exhibit of art by Crissie Murphy exhibited on the International Space Station. Special Reception with Buzz Aldrin to
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Haiti Relief Effort

          Haiti 2010 Operation Unified Response The Haiti earthquake gave the American base at Guantanamo Bay a new mission:
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“The artwork is the intersection of science, technology, space travel, and the innate and insatiable human desire to discover new things and explore new frontiers. It’s a tribute to what happens when imagination and scientific study meet.” - Buzz Aldrin, at the Charles Bank Gallery, Celestial Matters opening reception
Buzz Aldrin